504 Ret/490 Holy LF Raid Group

Veteran player looking for a new raid group due to the recent disband of my old one, been playing since vanilla and raiding since BC, have a long list of raiding experience ranging from hardcore to casual. Have 16/16 N and 3/16 H for 5.0 and looking for a group to progress aggressively through normals and onto heroics during 5.2. Looking for a 3-4 night raiding guild with times between 6:00pm and 12:00 pm.

Contact me in-game for more info, or leave you're guild website if you may be interested
Hey, sent you an in-game mail with some info about our guild and what we're looking for, let me know if you're interested and would like more info. Thanks!
We are 15/16N and 1/6H, we raid Tues, Thurs, Sund from 10:30pm - 1:30am server time. We are progressing quickly, you would be a great addition. Msg me in game or visit us online @ www.UngodlyWrath.com. Fill out an app if you are interested
I sent you a few tells in game, but you were afk. I am interested in talking to you about a possible core position in our raid 1 team.
If you are still looking for a home.... We are a 10m semi-hardcore progression guild and are currently looking for a holy pally to fill out our raid team... We raid 8-11EST tues-thurs and are currently 4/12 ToT... If you have any questions please contact me through battletag... doubey421#1210

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