EF and protector of the innocent

So my question is does eternal flame's healing ticks carry to the pally via the glyph(protector of the innocent) as straight healing (no mastery) or just the initial heal with no hot on the pally?

^^This is what i want answered plz, the other is just ideas for improvement^^

And if it doesnt carry to the pally(via the glyph) is that a chance that it may be changed to do so?

Or could the Hot from EF give extra healing via the beacon to further pad that? Maybe even add to the IH bubble or refresh it at least on the beaconed target.
According to the Wowhead comments, the HoT doesn't transfer through the glyph. Only the initial heal does.
This makes me very sad, In cata it seemed like every heal we threw(via a talent of course) healed the pally for a percent at least, itd be nice to be a little closer to that

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