"An Unusual Tome" Broken

Let me start by saying I messed up. However, if anyone breaks the chain for any reason then go see the warlock trainer. My story if interested is below.

I gained the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion (hooray!). Combined it with a Healthstone and created The Codex of Xerrath. Then I started the quest An Unusual Tome, and talked to my Observer. The Observer explained the tome to me and I completed the quest An Unusual Tome. When I clicked on "Complete" in the quest window a new quest (part of the chain) appeared.

Now for some reason I decided to check on a friend at the same time and opened my friends list. This closed the quest window to replace it with my friends list (what idiot does that...oh yeah me). The issue was the chain quest disappeared, the Observer or any minion did not offer the quest, and The Codex of Xerrath (which was still in my bag with an !) said quest completed. I tried multiple methods of recovering the quest from reloading to logging back in with no addons but nothing worked.

Finally it dawned on me, the next quest Reader for the Dead Tongue requires you to see Warlock trainers in every city. Alas, went to Stormwind and the warlock trainer was patiently waiting with a quest in hand called Reader for the Dead Tongue. So if for any reason the chain breaks go see the warlock trainer.

I hope this helps anyone that runs into the same issue. Yes, I should have gone to the trainer ASAP in the first place.

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