2/16 H exp Hunter LFguild!

First and foremost, if you can help me with transfer costs im 100% more likely to join! lol, also my exp is on my rogue, so ill whisp you the name if you care to check him out.
Would love to join a guild that is at least 16/16 reg, but I'm really willing to join anything that fits my times.
Looking for a guild that raids no later than 10 30 EST!
Experience includes the following :
T14 : 2 / 16 heroic, elite protectors, and finally 16/16 regular
T13 : 8/8 Heroic DS @ 20 % nerf
T12 : 1/7 Heroic, 7/7 Reg
T11: 12/13 reg
T10 (ICC) : 3/12 Heroic, 12/12 regular
ToC : 2/5 ToGC, 5/5 reg
Ulduar : Full cleared prior to any nerfs, obtained the rusted proto in 2010.
Naxx : Full cleared during its era, achieved "The Undying" from 10 man
Sarth 3d : 25 man got in 09 (twilight vanq) and got of the nightfall (10 man) in 2010.
BC : Full cleared all content but BT in which i downed 5 bosses, and sunwell.
Hey there! Ungodly Wrath is looking for raiders that can raid tues, thurs, Sund from 10:30 pm -1:30am server time. We are 15/16N. We are really looking for players that like to research and fine tune their class. We would love to have someone who has done most of the fights in MoP, but thats not a barrier to membership. Please message myself, Viks, Ironyman or Zakaveli on line. Also check us out online at www.UngodlyWrath.com.

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