"Hell" LF 1 range dps (mage/boomy) & 1 melee

Hello all! "Hell" is recruiting a boomkin/mage for our core progression group through ToT. Also looking for 1 full time melee (FDK/rogue/monk). Recently came from Nesingwary with a very solid group. Already have 5 people on Prot token though. Please have experience raiding in MoP, as we expect you to perform very well, and please know your class. Currently 1/12 ToT, mostly because we have to pug every week, at least 2 dps. PST me ingame, I am on frequently, and we can talk. Thank you for your interest.
What's your schedule?
Recently we changed from monday/thursday to Tuesday/Thursday. Might have a 3rd raid night depending on subs that whisper. The 3rd possible day would be monday. times are 9-12 server

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