Captive Audience

The amount of spawns and spawn rate of the mobs for this quest is tuned much, much, MUCH too low. As a hunter, I can see these mobs on my minimap (when they exist) and it's taking me 15-20m still to complete this. I'm definitely not the only one having problems, everybody who's chosen PVP quests on the island complains about it on general, listen in to arthas general chat for yourselves and see. I actually expected to find multiple threads here already about it but search didn't bring any up.
Yup, I agree the spawn rate of the captives is total BS. Been out there a half hour and have only rescued 3.
Fix This Please! Thanks!
It helps if you click (and clear up) any "Rune Prisons" that remain on the ground (green circular spell effects). It seems that when some prisoners despawn, they leave these circles behind which prevent the game from spawning new prisoners.

After 2-3 minutes of clicking every rune prison i could find, I quickly found my 5 prisoners. They do respawn rapidly.

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