Challange Mode Silver

Hi Everyone,

I have posted in another forum (Dungeon, Raids, Senerios) but I figure I might as well do it here as well since im desperate :)

I have been trying in vain to get a group on my server of dedicated people to smash out the Challenge modes silver version. Every time I get a group the healer will d/c or I get a troll tank that lied about his xp and gear and is to new to know his class and laughs and disbands before we start. I am now coming to the forums because I need a dedicated healer, tank and x2 dps who know there classes and are PVE geared and have the drive to finish these modes in one hit ( unless we don't make the time but that's ok) I am in complete love with the mount you get from this achievement so if you are keen on getting it as well please add #ShereeM1835
I myself have not finished a Challange Mode but I have done the heroics enough to understand the fights ect. I will also link vent before we start so we have better communication.

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