Say you were given the option...

To change ALL your animal forms to something else? What would you choose for melee dps? Ranged dps? Tanking? And of course, healing?

I guess flying and swimming too.
A dinosaur. For all of them.
Direhorn for tanking. I rather enjoy being a kitty for dps though, as I have a macro with the soft kitty song all set up already :P
A mustang for travel form.
A dinosaur. For all of them.

I like the way this guy thinks!
We should be able to change the look of our flight form.
Tank: Rhino/Dino
Feral DPS: any cat, worgen, wolf, hyena
Flight: any bird of prey
Tank: Rhino
Trolls: Tiny mammoth for guardian form. Piranha fish for aquatic form. Tiny raptor for feral form. Snake for travel form. I wouldn't change flying form because trolls can be bats and that's what i would want anyways.
Tank: Kraken form. In water, scary. Out of water? Terrifying.

DPS: Raptor form. Claws and teeth everywhere!

Travel: Zhevra. Does this need an explanation?

Water: Whale Shark. Because really, water travel is slow already.

Healing: Marsh Walker. All those crazy arms healing things? Yes.

Flight: Pterrowing Skyscreamer. Make them tremble below my shadow!
Feral=Raptor (Outlands skin)
Flight=Bat (I think they are cool looking)

<---newest Druid started yesterday afternoon..
<---Mah hair, where is it???
Travel=Plain Strider (pink obviously)
Water=Orca (I like it sue me)
Flight=I'll keep bat
Balance=The Star Man thing from Elegon but changing colors depending on Solar/Lunar
Resto=Felwood Trees
Range: the flying serpent

Flight form: chimera

Melee: Ravager

All I care for(cant think of anything else).
Aquatic: sea otter :3
Flight: Flying Spaghetti Monster. :d
Guardian- Boar. But I do love being a bear.
Feral- Hyena.
Balance- Moonkin. I just want the model updated.
Travel- Gazzelle
Aquatic- Angler Fish (the one with the lightbulb and giant teeth). Or a whale shark the size of the boss in Vash'jir. I was sorely disappointed with the size of the orca model.
Flight- Owl.
I think it's hard to improve on bears for tanking, although I might like a glyph of the polar bear. Elephant/mammoth might be fun to try.

Melee, Felidae are already pretty awesome, but a raptor would be fun. Wolves could work (especially for Worgen with the whole Goldrinn storyline in their starting area), if they weren't already so associated with shaman in the WoW universe.

Aquatic, we already have orca, what could improve on that? Maybe a sea serpent or the Loch Ness Monster things? Sea otter would be cute, but I think I'd go for awesome over cute.

Flight, I like the owl suggestion, pterodactyl might be cool too (although technically, it is not a dinosaur). Or give everyone the option to choose between bat and bird, rather than assigning them based on race.

Travel, the deer form is nice, but it sometimes bothers me that female druids don't get a doe. Lots of our shapeshift forms reasonably have no sexual dimorphism, but antlers are just silly. Zebra or gazelle could also work, without even requiring any additional model design on the devs' part. Mostly I just wish they'd let it speed up to actual mount speed when not in combat.

Balance and resto -- I like casting in humanoid form. I'd say I was glad for glyph of stars, except that I'm honestly not that interested in balance anyway (if they ever give us 3 spec slots I'd be guardian/feral/resto again).

Unless it was Keeper/Dryad form, then I'd at least be tempted.
Tank: no, not the one we already have now, I want to turn into an elderly gay man, with profuse amounts of body hair

Feral: reason for it, just would like to kill !@#$ as a pig

Boomkin: Camel, I shall spit on my foes with great malice!

Resto: Pregnant cat, for the healing powers of 10 kittens!

Flight: Flying squirrel (Not the animal with flaps of skin used as "wings" to glide downwards, I'm talking squirrel with a jetpack)

Swimming: David Hasselhoff
Dinosaurs, mon.

Aquatic Form becomes Mosasaur*/Thresher*
Bear Form becomes Direhorn.
Cat Form becomes Raptor/Devilsaur.
Swift Flight Form becomes Pterrowing Skyscreamer*/Pterrodax*
Travel Form can stay as the elk/moose/whatever it is, if only because I can't think of anything to replace it with.
Moonkin Form becomes Saurok

*: Mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, and pterodactyls were NOT dinosaurs; they were reptiles, which is considered a separate animal group from dinosaurs. However, there were no flying or swimming dinosaurs, so these were the best options. /themoreyouknow

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