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I am looking to make a target macro for starsurge. I want it to cast into what ever my target caller is targeting for RBG. I figure its some sort of target target of assist or something.
While in general I feel this is a good idea, it leaves you vulnerable to mistakes on your TC's part, or target drops of any sort. Currently I just use the focus target feature of BGtargets.
/assist name
/cast starsurge
replace name with name of the target caller

However i would recommend to make this macro instead
/assist name
bind it to a key, hit that key before you use starsurge. That is because if you are not together with target caller and you want to attack someone else (for example you died, ressed and got attacked by a rogue on the way back to battle) using the first macro will force you to target someone that can be totally out of range.
Set your target caller as your focus and simply put

/target focustarget

This will switch you to your target caller's target and then you can cast starsurge separately. I know there are some "no dead" lines and such that can be added to this but the basic line is the one above. The above macro is also fine.
/cast [@focustarget,exists] Starsurge
Thanks guys!

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