Quest Beasts of Fable[Bugged]

Bug Report
So I've been working on the Beasts of Fable quest and the quest was working fine until I took down Skitterer Xi'a and went to move on to the next one when I noticed it hadn't counted my victory. I figured it was just a bit of lag, so I took him down again, only to find that, once again, it still didn't update my quest to show that I'd beaten him.. so now, despite hundreds of people beating him; I can't complete the quest because the quest has bugged out for me.

Though I did notice that both Beasts of Fable, and the Pandarian Spirit Beasts quests are both available for me to pick up again from the quest giver despite them both still being in my log. Is that what's causing the issue? Because I wonder how many others are getting the same issue then.

Edit: OK, it updated finally after I relogged. Dunno if it was just lag causing the issue or if there's a small glitch or bug that sometimes causes you to need to relog to get that particular pet to count toward the quest..
i noticed the same thing. only, after logging out, i still don't have credit for squishing xi'a.
I was doing the Beasts of Fable daily while waiting in LFR queue. I killed Lucky Yi and Greyhoof and got credit for the quest, no problem. Then I killed Skitterer Xi'a - 4 times - and didn't get credit. My queue popped, I ran my raid, came back, kill him again - and got credit this time.

So either it's just randomly bugged or maybe it bugs on the LFR queue and treats it as if you're already in a raid group? No idea. Considering it's a long annoying daily that doesn't even guarantee a reward, this only makes it more annoying.
Beat 3 different beasts of fable and got credit for none. I had joined a dungeon group as a healer on my paladin and the tank pulled before i could respec and got me in combat. Rather than watch them wipe I left the LFR dungeon group and hoped they would get a new healer ready to go before they wiped. I resumed my reg battle dailies and beasts of fable fights but was only getting the quest credits. Looks like it's best to stay out of LFR when doing the quest or dailies which is pain since there are so many so far apart.

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