[A] Happy Cows(10)

Happy Cows is recruiting DPS!

Classes needed(in order of preference):


Other classes may be considered, so talk to me in-game or drop me a message on this character(Lamp#2765) to discuss things further. Any questions posted here are fine as well.

We have a very light raiding schedule of every Sunday at 11am-4pm, but sometimes on occasion we add another day if we feel could finish off a certain boss that we had nearly killed that week. Stuff like flasks, potions and repairs are provided for raiders.

Due to the time slot we raid in and the light schedule overall, we are open to alts as some of our raiders in this group are alts as well. So, if you already raid on another character and would like to raid a little more on your Sunday afternoons, we should talk.

A little bit about our guild:

This guild has been around since vanilla as a group of friends from other games who started WoW together. Most of our members have raided with some of the oldest guilds on Cenarius since 1.0, but we started this raid group back in Cataclysm and have been raiding together as a group since then. Most of us have known each other for years, long before WoW and we are a fairly laid back guild in general.

Some of our old and current progression: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/cenarius/Happy+Cows
4-5 hrs a week, always full clear every tier on normal w/ some heroics.

LF a solid player, flexible on your current gear.
Your raid times are pretty perfect for what my friend and I are looking for, although we don't fit your search xD. We're both around 480, I play a Disc Priest and he plays an Arms warrior. PM us at Benedictus or Zeabo if you guys need more than a warlock and mage.
Good group of guys and gals here. They let me go with them this past Sunday, even though I was about 9 ilvl's below them and only knew the fights LFR style. Great group, works well together and knows their stuff. Just saw this post and wanted to post a positive experience I had with them for anyone looking to apply.

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