Calling all 80s.

New 80 twink guild. 10 man and possibly 25man raiding. Starting from the bottom. Heroics and naxx 10man. pst me or add my Battle Tag. 10 man are only for guildies. 25man will more then likely be cross realms. Also comment a mature guild name for us. Thanks please pass the word around!!! We already have people looking into it and rerolling on this realm. my Battle Tag is #borsker1288
This sounds really fun but I don't think it would feel even close to the same as it did years ago.

Bump though, because it's a good idea and usually is fun as heck
Sounds interesting... But, it's on alliance.
This would be awesome.
On the horde.
heirlooms can be sent to the other faction
news at 11

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