Two players lf raiding guild

Two experienced players looking for a raiding guild to progress with, we are preferably looking for a 10 man raiding guild. If you are interested please send me a tell in game or message me via @ Skype Jadamm3. We are pretty flexible with raid times but due to living on the east coast we are not looking for a guild that raids past 1:00 CST.

For those that are wondering here is a list of what both players can play.

Player 1: Ret Paladin, WW Monk.
Player 2: Enh Shaman (can change specs if needed for raiding purposes)
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hey there :) we would be happy to have you both we are a semi hardcore group 490+ recruting 2mdps for our core 10m raid times wed/fri/mon 6pm st if interest reply or message me in game battletag striker2087#1481 ty
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