LF Stones/Stoned Pets.

Pet Battles
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One critter stone down! Thanks Delicate. :D

Edit: and one beast. Thanks, also, Fumeblast.

(List updated.)
Thanks again Nymirah. <3 Got a dragonhawk knocked off my list. :D

(Blahblah list updated.)
Nudging this back up. List remains accurate.
Got me an upgraded tiny goldfish. Thanks!

Edit: and not a minute later, finished up my dragonkin stones, too.

(List updated.)
Trade completed, fair terms, easy negotiation, very fast and smooth. God, I feel like I'm leaving Ebay feedback :)
Thanks a ton! Smooth trading and pleasant chatting with you. :) Enjoy the raptors.

(List updated.)
One critter and one mechanical down.

List updated.

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