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I had an idea for a new feature for the mobile armory and this is the only place i could think to post it

Ok currently i have not played WoW since december of 2009 due to money issues in my family (soon to be over i hope) but my dad has a smartphone which gives me net access and i just got a 7 day WoW pass in email and i still have an unused 60 day wow card

Anyway i am currently on my first of 7 days and i noticed a feature that wow armory could use would be to allow use of professions with exception to resource gathering so players can smelt ores or disenchant items etc. and sell them on the auction house

This is a feature i know i would use just for smelting ore

I also wish that wow armory was compatible with one WoW addon auctioneer it would make using the auction house on wow armory much easier less guessing if i am pricing things right especially since i haven't been playing for years

I really hope i can start playing again instead of just having a taste via wow armory auction house wish i could get paid to play wow
Thank you for your suggestion, Exxus. We don't plan to support WoW add ons in the Mobile Armory, but the idea you suggested regarding professions is something we have considered. Although I cannot say if we will include this feature in a future Mobile Armory update, it's not out of the question.

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