Lightning Shield deal damage per stack?

What if Lightning Shield did damage to our attackers per stack? (Elemental Only, obviously)

So if it does 10k normally, rolling thunder brings it up to 7 stacks, and it hit for 70k (prior to resilience of course)

Its damage component isn't much, but charging it up and keeping it there could help us defend more, seeing as we dont loose stacks from taking damage anymore.
Haha 70k damage per hit?

Sounds balanced.
03/19/2013 08:16 PMPosted by Zixan
(prior to resilience of course)

Maybe I need to spell this out.

After resilience, it will really only it for 30 to 35k at most, and remember it has a 2 second ICD. It would also mean we save our Fulmination. We cant use Earth Shock at all with this, and keep our stacks. We would have to know someone is going to attack us.

This gives us defense while stunned/silenced. It give any Warrior/DK/Rogue a reason to think about switching to us. I don't think it would be as OP as you would think.
Sounds balanced.
The Cata Thorns version of high reflected damage was a bad idea. This one is even worse.

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