Endless Waltz Reform LF 2 heals and one range

Endless Waltz is recruiting 2 healers and one range dps for ToT normal clearing and eventual hard mode progression.

We've been somewhat up the ranks here and there but now we're just trying to have fun with friends and new friends to come!

I'll throw it out there, we're casuals. People commonly misunderstand casual with mindless moron, we're not the people who cause WoW to be nerfed we're simply the few looking to enjoy the game with a tight knit 10 man group, where we can crush normal modes, grab some gear and progress in hard modes when the time is right. We're serious about raiding just not at the cost of our real life sanity AKA STRESS FREE.

We're looking for a priest healer capable of swapping specs as needed (between holy and disc) and a holy pally or resto shaman.
For dps we would like a knowledgeable Mage, Warlock, or Spriest who's capable of competing with the rest of the raid if not, impress by outperforming them! ;)

All of us have at one time had a semi-hardcore raiding experience at one point or another having cleared most if not all of hard mode content of last expansion and we're just looking to settle down and have a good time instead of raiding to the point of hating one another. We will be raiding the following times

Thursday-Sunday-Monday.... 11pm-2am eastern time (relatively late night guild)

What we want from you: 490+ ilvl, strong understanding of raid mechanics(be able to understand that sometimes 3k less dps is far more important than wiping the raid on jin'rokh)
a microphone and a great atmosphere of respect for your fellow community not just your guildies, trolling and grief WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and you will be kicked on the spot, we allow cursing and joking with each other, we actually promote a free flowing vocabulary. Just be respectful and mindful as behind the computer we're all human beings and we all have good and bad days.

As far as raid experience 16/16 normal modes of T14 will do and we would REALLY love to see your logs if available as it will help us see if you'll make the cut, we might be casuals but we want a fair team and will not afford carrying somebody it just makes everyone else's experience unpleasant.

Lastly here's what you can expect from us, our raiders get free guild bank repairs, access to banquets/feasts during raid, a laidback group of friendly but skilled raiders and a boat load of old content to quench the thirsts of nostalgia, the majority of our remaining guildies enjoy doing old things as a way to mess around and explore the game Blizzard has created not just sit in a main city all day! We're here to help!:)

On a final note we also promote the use of alts as many of us have alts of our own we actively run content of the previous tier as well as try new challenges for our other classes to progress our knowledge of the game and it's mechanics.

If you have any questions or would like more info on joining you can add me on real ID
at Harry.Kelminson@gmail.com as well as e-mail me (be sure to specify who you are and why you're emailing in that case), add me in game, or contact Sayerel, Globert, or Bluerupee in game!

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