Staff Or Wand + Off Hand?

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I'm not sure what is gonna be better for me since all i have used is staffs ! other mages what do you prefer or think is better for a mage to use? thanks
Usually a staff is better. My mage has yet to come across a fight that leaves her OOM. Besides staffs usually have better stats than One hand + Off hand.
Whichever gives you the better stats...
It shouldn't be that hard to add up the stats of whatever MH/OH combo you're looking at and compare it to whatever staff you are considering as the alternative.

I don't know if it applies to all ilvl ranged, but gearing up my mage alt (~465ilvl) a MH/OH combo beat out a staff of the same ilvl simply due to the OH +int enchant.
thanks all was helpful and will take this into consideration!
Rarely is a staff better than MH/OH of equal ilevel. Of course sha touched is taken into account but usually the fact that the OH can be enchanted as well as the weapon enchant for the MH makes it the better combo.
and also is it better to be frost and arcane or frost and fire? i always thought fire did the most damage?
Since they have made it almost imposible for DPS to run out of mana there is little need for a wands ability to "shoot". But since its "shoot" damage is counted as part of it's overall stats, wands are usually weaker on other stats then other One hand caster weapons.

So not only is it twice as hard to get Wand/offhand combos that are upgrades but Wand/Off comboes tend to be weaker then a staff of the same gear level. Wands are also usually weaker then Daggers or 1h maces with Int.

However you should try to keep a Main hand + Off hand combo on you so if you get a new drop that gives you a better combo then your current staff you can use them untill you get a new staff.

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