[H]<Voided> 10M 2/13H T15 LF RSham/RDruid

updated needs
updated recruitment needs. could really use a Priest of any flavor, and a healer in general. Hit me up in game if you'd like to talk!
Still looking for ranged dps and possibly a healer
updated needs
updated. In need of ranged dps, especially a priest or druid with heals OS
update for new website. apparently the new owners of guildzilla are letting it die :(
updated. In need of a STRONG healer and 1 ranged dps
bump, couple bosses down tonight
updated needs
another boss down. 3 this week. Still in need of a strong healer or ranged dps!
still looking for a strong healer and ranged dps
updated, 2 new bosses down monday
updated needs
Still looking! :)
so all 3 groups run simultaneously?

any alt runs sat/sun?
All 3 run Tues night, 2 run wed nights, 1 thurs night, 2 sunday night, 1 monday night. It's a bit of a complicated schedule, which is why I tend to just put up the schedule of the group that is currently recruiting.

Also, updated. Healer spot filled, looking for 1 ranged dps

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