[H]<Voided> 10M 2/13H T15 LF RSham/RDruid

updated needs. Group 2 in need of a tank!
updated again. Lei Shen down for group 2! onto heroics!
still looking
In need of a focused tank who will be there consistently. Gear isn't that big of a deal, we can gear you up and there is no competition for plate tank pieces!

We are looking for the right tank asap so we can start heroic ToT!!
still looking for a quality tank. paid xfer if you're from zul'jin!
Still looking! (I think) :)
Im 1/12 H ToT with heroic raiding experience since Wrath. I have a good Frost OS. Im looking for a Friday, Saturday raiding guild or any day between 8pm to 12 est. I am very dependable and my attendance is very reliable. I am willing to transfer. Please pst me in game or my battle tag is Lilly#1249

Still looking for a ranged DPS!
Looking again for a strong tank. Prefer plate, will look at druid
Still looking for a solid tank to push heroics
Still looking for the right fit!
Heroics start up again Tuesday night! Hit me up if interested!
Still need a tank for heroic progression
Bump come play with us....... Just dont drink the water!
cmoooon tanks
cmoooon tanks
Still looking :)
tank please!
Just need a consistent quality tank to push further. Running tonight, working more heroics.
looking for 1 ranged dps, prefer hunter or boomkin

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