[A-10] <The Goon Squad> LF Transition To 25's

We are back to a ten man raiding roster after going through a rebuilding process since January when our GL and some other long time players stopped raiding and left the game.

We are looking to make the transition to 25, so we are basically looking for a ten man guild with a stable roster who are also looking to make the jump up.

Anyone interested in this please talk to me (Denzer) or Noshield in game. We currently raid Tues/Wed 7-11 server (6-10 PST), but raid days are flexible. If a guild is interested, we can raid together next week after the reset and see how we work together.

Talk to me in game or post here.
looking for another 10 man guild for 10 man progression!! must be buff!
Hi, I should have been more clear with this post, because I had a few people send me tells asking to join, and we are already full on ten man.

While we will be looking for a few extra people if we can find someone to merge with really the point of this post was to find a 10-man guild who want's to step up to 25 man raiding. After we raid together and see if we are compatible we can talk about merging and everything that entails.

Most our raiders are around i500, if your guild is around a similar level with your ten man lets talk about raiding together and picking up a couple of extra people to fill out to 25s.

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