Just a few questions regarding this server

Hey guys,

I'm wanting to transfer off of my current server due to the lower population and overall inactivity of Horde.

1. Who is the dominant faction, if any? Wowprogress has it close to equal. Just want to get a feel for how accurate it is.

2. Are there trade chat PUGs? I'm not expecting miracles, but how often are there raid PUGs and how well do they do?

3. What's server stability like? As a higher population server, are there queue times?

Thanks a bunch.
1) Yes, it's pretty even. For a while, Alliance was PVP and Horde was PVE. Now, there's a good mix of both.

2) I can't speak for Alliance, but on Horde there are trade-chat PUGs for both old and new content.

3) Server is very full, during peak hours there will be 15-30 minute queues. Last night when I tried to log in at 10pm server time, I sat in a 400 person queue. This usually goes away 3-4 weeks after patch.
Even? Are you kidding me? The horde seem to outnumber allies 4:1 easily
1) Honestly, I don't know the numbers. I've never really felt overwhelmed by horde out in the world, except for some ganking packs, of course.

2) I've seen a couple of raid pugs happening in trade chat for both old and new content. Alliance side anyway.They seem to do well. We really need more healers though.

3) I'm currently sitting in a 1200 person 40 minute queue on a Tuesday night. Yay. But I haven't seen a queue like this since the expansion.

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