The logic behind engineering?

Engineers make some pretty cool stuff. The problem comes when you want to make something for your friends in game or one of your alts. What you make is only usable by another engineer who can just as easily make the same item themselves. Example of this is the flying machine. To make one you must be an engineer, lvl 60 with a engineering rating of 300. To use it, the same applies. It's non tradeable, non sellable. With the exception of very few items, engineering is actually a waste of time. I'm still trying to understand the logic behind all the restrictions on engineers. I don't expect any thing to change. Not even slightly angry about it. Just curious as to why.
Because if engineering were this awesome *and* profitable, who would do any other profession?
I'd be less interested in making a profit, then I would be in giving away what I make to friends and other alts.
The new Engineering mounts (Depleted-Kyparium Rocket & Geosynchronous World Spinner) don't require engineering to use. This was a great direction to take. I'm fine with the ridiculously high cost of making these mounts since they can be used by anyone. I wish there was a way to make older engineering mounts usable by non-engineers, even if it came with a high price tag.
Really, engineering is for repair bots and mailboxes at this point.
Really, engineering is for repair bots and mailboxes at this point.

And Synapse Springs.

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