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No longer recruiting.
LFM keen bodies.

Still looking!
Updated again! :P
good luck to these guys :) love ya letti
good luck to these guys :) love ya letti

Thanks qt ILY2.

Bump for keen people.
LF keen as beans dpsers.
What happened to day time raiding?!
We were going to and it was a great idea but have so much interest for other times it's like argh! <(^^,)>

Doing Saturday daytime 12:30PM start to 4:30PM finish; if anyone would be interested please contact.

and yes I edited this ;)
LF some pretty clothie dps.
how about me?????
Hmm well you're a gnome, don't think so :p

altho that Grand Marshal ;)
i do good dps i promise :)
Haha I much prefer your paladin.. because it's not a gnome. I don't trust gnomes. SAID THE GNOME! :D
Seeking a moon chicken! Must have a viable Restoration OS.

And those elusive cloth DPS.
I am a moon chicken! Will be 90 tomorrow (pick me, pick me!)

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