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Still looking for a DPS Warrior? I am interested (:
Yes still in need of a DPS Warrior!
Interested in a Frost DK with a semi decent Blood OS?
Yes interested in both of the above ~ currently don't have a Warrior or a DK!

Can't see any contact details so please get in contact with me!
Bump ^
Bang bang
i would be keen, ill hit someone up on server
www.neotericfm.enjin.com and throw an app in :P

LF trees, dks, warriors and all those cute things.
Bump for updated schedule and recruitment needs.
LF Resto Druid and a DPS Warrior!
LF Resto Druid & DPS Warrior - completes core team!
Open to a Mage and Warlock as well.
LF 1x DPS (Warlock/Mage/DPS Warrior) and 1x Healer (Druid)


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