Warlock green fire last boss guide(Kanrethad)

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I finally managed to down this guy. Green Metamorphosis by the way is.. AWESOME.

This is the way I did it. I'll also be posting this in another forum post for other warlocks.
I first started off the fight before placing the empowered soulcore into the soul well by setting up a gateway, not to LOS anything but just a gateway one right next to each other. I placed my demonic portal behind one of the pillars (I chose the one on the left) while having my gateways close enough to where I could teleport to my circle.
I placed the soulcore, after the dialogue I opened up with burst, bringing him down to about 95% health, 94%, around there. I pushed dps until the pit lord came out. Enslave it obviously then have it on Kanrethad. As SOON as I enslaved, I took my gateway to remove my threat. Kanrethad will focus on the pit lord (which has WAY more than enough health to survive by the way his attacks). I literally took the gateway every second the "debuff" dropped. I took Unbound Will for this fight just to remove dots, should they be on me. As long as you have this debuff on you KANRETHAD WILL NOT CAST CHAOS BOLT WHATSOEVER ON YOU. IT WILL SHOW THE TEXT BUT HE WON'T CAST IT ON THE PIT LORD I occasionally would interrupt "Doom" if he wasn't about to cast Cataclysm. I've found that the first Cataclysm he casts is usually interrupted by the Pit lord, EVEN IF the interrupt is off cooldown. I figured this was a way of hinting to the warlock what you were supposed to do. I only used the Pit lord's breath attack to cleanse my dots if Unbound Will was on cd. If not I would "UW" and then heal with the Pit Lord's siphon, then continue to gateway hop to make sure Kanrethad was attacking the Pit lord. Keep following this strategy as long as long as you can, even when the imps come out I would suggest doing this. The only time I suggest not using the gateway is during the Fel hunter phase. This is the tricky part, but doable. DO NOT CC THE FEL HUNTERS, IT IS A WASTE OF TIME. If you CC the Hunters you waste time for the pit lord to attack you, stun, breathe on you, etc. Also this removes some of your buffs. Then obviously letting a Cataclysm will go off. What I did was before this phase happened I would use all of the following: Unbound Will, Demonic Siphon, Sacrificial Pact, and Twilight Ward. I would then send the pit lord off of the boss and make him "move-to" a target location far away. When the hunters start pouring in cast a rain of fire so they are aggro'd to you and don't go straight after your pit lord. I immolate the first one and conflagrate it for the faster CB cast. I then havoc the first one, Dark Soul: instability then CB the second. Usually would fel flame them down to execute (AKA Shadowburn) them down. I then would use another Chaos Bolt on the 3rd. I usually teleported to my circle at this point, executed the fel hunter then re-enslaved the pit lord just in time for Cataclysm. At this point you'll be dotted up. That's fine. Make sure you refresh your demonic circle, take your gateway and have your enslave interrupt Kanrethad when he's casting. Then stand in front of the Pit lord and have him breathe over you and Kanrethad so he takes more damage from the 100% increased damage debuff he has, the breathe and so you're cleansed. Continue the normal routine of taking the gateway, watching your dots, etc. When the doom lord comes out, just banish it and keep on going. From here you'll get more imps, take them down make sure you still are taking the gateway as mentioned. Keep the doom lord banished. The 2nd fel hunter phase is the most difficult, but not a big change. I actually took time out here to un-banish the doom lord and refresh it right before this phase and same as last time, UW, Siphon, etc and make the pit lord move away. Same routine to kill the fel hunters again. After this phase it's pretty much cake. Another doom lord comes out. Fear this one, banish the other. Also you SHOULD HAVE a focus macro for this on one of the doom lords and a focus-cast banish (or fear, should you choose). From here it's just watching CC, nuking imps and what not. Once the boss is under 20% I did Dark Soul: Instability, had full embers from the imps and blew him up with Shadow burn. From 20% it took him to about 14%, maybe even 10%. From here it's just game.

Infernal and Doomguard guardians are for your choosing.
YOU SHOULD chaos bolt Kanrethad any chance you get. ONLY USE DARK SOUL DURING THE OPENER, FEL HUNTERS AND ENDING IT. DON'T USE IT IN BETWEEN. I can't tell you how many times I decided to use it during a stun on cataclysm then fel hunters came out, couldn't kill them and I died.

For macro purposes, these are the names of the Pit Lord's spells.
Demonic Siphon (heal)
Cleave (...aoe frontal cleave)
Fel Flame Breath (cleanse, aoe frontal cone, removes buffs from enemy targets)
Charge (Interrupt causing the target to take 100% increased damage for the duration of the debuff which I believe is 5 seconds)

Additional tips:
-I suggest using chaos bolt before Imp phases. Imp phases automatically will cap you on embers, no matter what you do. A good idea to do before the imp phases is actually to ember tap to full health or chaos bolt Kanrethad. Also you should Fire and Brimstone: Incinerate the imps along with the talent from the first tier "Soul Leech". It generates crazy absorb on these phases.
-TWILIGHT WARD DOES ABSORB CHAOS BOLT DAMAGE (not that it should be cast at all except for fel hunter phases maybe)

This boss is certainly doable, I've been attempting it for hours since the second day of 5.2. Good luck to my fellow warlocks! Good luck in your future endeavors!

If you have any questions, comment here and I'll get back to them as soon as possible or send me a whisper in game.
I also forgot to include during the fel hunter phase I took Shadowfury. What typically was happening was the last Fel hunter and my Pit lord would stack on me. I stunned both, chaos bolted the hunter and re-enslaved my Pit lord. I did this on both phases.
I also forgot to mention that a purification potion doubles the time of this fight. You just have to make sure you don't have any other dots on you and use it while only "Ultimate Doom" is on your character.
I don't think that gree fire is cooool...
Thanks. I keep thinking of going back to my 'lock. She was my original main all the way through the end of WotlK.
I guess the catch is you have to read that massive wall of text.
Ty its helping me on my lock by chance what was ur ilvl when u got it?
Sir, after fighting this boss for 15 hours over the past several days and wiping over and over trying to get him down, I can honestly say that I have no idea how I can do this with my current gear or skill level. I've made it all the way to the Forever Imps phase of the fight, but the majority of my issue is being able to stay alive and keep aggro off of me while still doing enough damage to the boss that he's actually going down fast enough to kill within the up to 14 minute time limit. At an iLevel of 497, and having seen several people claim to have downed him at as low as 390, I feel like a huge scrub for not being able to down this.

The lowest I've gotten him down to is 30% before just getting totally eaten by imps. I use gateways every time the debuff is off and I've actually gotten it so that the Doom Lords attack the Pit Lord; he can take it for a while and Health Funnel heals him pretty well if you have an issue with his health. After a while it's still good to Banish one of them, but it's not completely required. I've died to Felhunters more times than I can count though; I learned early on to use Destro rather than my main Demo spec for this fight, and it definitely does enough burst to get the Felhunters down in time. You can Dismiss and re-Enslave the Pit Lord before the second set of imps come out to avoid having to deal with the Pit Lord coming after you during the second Felhunter phase if you mange not to get blindsided by Devour Magic.

Very cool that you got this and you're 4 iLevels lower than me. I may keep trying, but after wiping so many times I think I may wait until I get better gear. Godspeed to those that are just starting; the difficulty curve ramps up exponentially once you reach the final boss of this questline.
it has nothing to do with your ilvl or gear technically, it has everything to do with how well you know your character.
Forgive me I am somewhat a noob still so

I am ilvl 494, and I get to the imps so you've gotten farther then me giving up proves what?, Im having a problem.

The guy up there said "he wont cast chaos bolt on you" that's how I die each and every single time, it hits me for over 450k damage. yes he does cast chaos bolt but not one the pit lord he casts it only on the player.

But just a quick question about the last boss...

alright I have these specs
soul leach
shadow furry
sacrificial pact
unbound will
grimoire of supremecy but I change this spec to grimoire of sacrifice
and of course kil' jaedens cunning

okay, I know you want to sacrifice your emp for the grimoire of sacrifice but what what crazy move do you get from the emp compared to the void lord?

also how do you inslave the pit boss quickly and get him tanking for you easily with out his fat butt being in the way?

the imps how do you kill them so quickly, I mean I get stuck on them even. then when I about the kill them all the boss comes running towards me and kills me.
I have found that it does not matter what GS you have this is a very difficult fight to complete. I have an item lvl of 546 and I follow all the mechanics and yet I can't get the kill. I have watched video after video and the one thing I have found is that they were all done prior to 5.4. After 5.4 Locks were hammered, the gateway no longer drops threat, we can't cast chaos bolt while moving and demonic circles distance was shortened. I get him to half health and I get smashed by the fel hunters or he puts that Imp on my shoulder and it interrupts my casts. I am to a point where I am thinking that this is not worth the time or effort to complete.

I certainly hope you are wrong, though I fear you are right. My iLevel is nowhere near as high as yours. I'm around i500, but this seems to be an incredibly difficult fight. I took a year off WoW and just returned anxious to get Green Fire, but I'm having a hellvua of a time with it. It seems that the nerds to soul link make the Rain of Fire and Fel Flame breath hit much harder than they used to. From some of the vids I've seen before 5.4 it looked like you could stand in his fire. Now I find myself looking for a safe spot more than anything else.

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