While the server is down...

I'll be-a-drawin this:


<---And what's up with my icon?! D':


Ain't been around in a while. How's the Alliance these days?

Is actually really damn good. I'm highly impressed. I'd love to see more of your work, if possible.

Alliance is alright. More people than horde, but guild recruitment is still in the pits. Finding people who actually want to stick around is a bit of an issue as well. But if you get a solid grp it's actually pretty good.
Thanks for the nice comment! ^^

And that's weird. I figured with all the people you all have over there, Guild retention wouldn't be an issue.

Come to the horde side!! When someone leaves a guild EVERYONE knows and barrages that person until they falter. Like a bunch of nosy neighbors! :O

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