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Is there any server with a pretty high Horde population?
mal ganis
area 52

Seeing an Allie is a rare treat
Burning blade.... all our alliance are leaving.
Illidan...if you feel like dealing with the most annoying server in existence.
Illidan : Highest Horde PVP realm around 150k last time checked to about 25K alliance (above lv 10, possible alts)

Area 52 : Highest Horde PvE Realm - 140k last time checked, to 30K alliance (possibly only alts)

Mal'Ganis : Another high horde PvE realm, low alliance population
Illidan...however I really like the blood elf combat animations and storyline. Rolled a char on there named Fabulous but for some reason I always end up "missing" whats going on ally side :(. Played ally for years, maybe thats why. Horde folks are pretty cool though, had a convo with a high level person about the game.
Hyjal is 59.3% horde...not completely imbalanced or anything, but tipped just enough for the horde
I think the trolls are always high so there's your high horde population.
Thanks everyone for the help.
Most of the ones that are marked PVP.
Illidan is locked, isn't it? If you're looking for a high populated realm, don't come on Zul'jin. There are too many of us the way it is.

Oh, and because of CRZ, even if you'll go on a low alliance server you'll still have the chance to meet many allies from other servers.

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