Brawler's and Tiller's armory reputation

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I've noticed that rep with the brawler's guild works fine in your in-game reputation menu, but when you go to view it in your online wowarmory it doesn't scale the same, instead it's using the old neutral - exalted ranking. For instance, I finally made rank 8 with the Brawlers and in my rep tab and when I talk to the guards I'm maxed out, but when I look on wowarmory I'm stuck at 4000/6000 friendly. Another reputation issue I found was the individuals at the Tillers. Once you get best friends with them you'll be taken from friends max to best friends max right away and in your in-game reputation tab and when you talk to that individual it will show you as maxed out, but when you look on wowarmory you will be best friends but not maxed. You can still max it out on wowarmory by doing more dailies with them, you just can not track it in game, only on wowarmory.
Nat Pagle also has the same issue I was having with the Tillers. Once your 6/6 best friend your already maxed on the rep bar in-game, but on the armory it isn't capped fully yet. You can cap it in armory, you just can't track it past best friend.
Also with Nat Pagle it's using the old rep ranking in armory, but it seems to somewhat scale the same. in-game.

And it's already been posted, but nobody has acknowledged it. You can't see Nat Pagle in simple, you have to go the tabular tab.

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