Isle of Thunder PVE Quests, Flagged for PVP?

There are BIG LETTERS warning me that choosing the PVP quests on the Isle of Thunder will flag me for PVP. I chose PVE because I'm tired of getting ganked at every turn; I assumed [wrongly, it seems] that I would be unflagged and could quest unmolested. I checked, and the option for Player vs Player was set to Disable. Random human paladin ganked me anyways.

Am I misunderstanding how this works? Why make a big deal when choosing PVE vs PVP that warns YOU WILL BE FLAGGED if anyone from the other faction can kill you anyways?

(I used to be really into PVP, but haven't gotten into it this expansion, so this was never a concern of mine before.)
I inadvertently selected the PvP assignment for my Dailies on the Isle of Thunder. I don't really PvP and don' have the gear for it. Is there a way to change the assignment if I have not selected any of the PvP quests? Seems like there should be.

And PvE should not flag you either. Have not had that problem yet.
In-game, when you are flagged for PVP there should be an alliance or horde insignia next to your character portrait.

If you had recently enabled PVP (for example by accepting a PVP quest) and then tried to disable PVP, you will remain flagged for 5 minutes, and you should see a countdown timer. Opposing faction players can attack you during the five minutes that you are still flagged.
Hmm. I'M not flagged, but my Water Elemental is marked as PVP. I wonder if that's the issue...
You're on a PvP server, so the distinction is meaningless. You wouldn't be unflagged until you returned to friendly territory (e.g. Orgrimmar). This is a warning for people on PvE servers that they will be flagged for PvP if they choose the PvP dailies. If you can't see the fact that you're flagged on screen, then that sounds like an interface issue or some kind of bug.
I have this problem as well. I am not on a PVP server and I disabled the PVP option yesterday and still nothing.
@Acoshca - correct, you're not on a PVP server. So normal PVP flagging rules apply: if you accept the PVP mission for the day on the isle, you'll be flagged for PVP. Or, if you /pvp flag yourself, you'll be flagged until five minutes after you /pvp unflag yourself. You can, of course, also flag yourself by attacking a member or guard of the other faction, or healing/buffing a member of your faction that is flagged.

@Carisse is never not flagged for PVP unless in a Sanctuary.
Thanks for the response, Kerr. I actually was able to get it to finally do the 5 minute countdown when I was able to get back on the Isle of Thunder and start doing the PVE quests.

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