Dedicated Late Raid LFM [A]Usurpers. lvl 25

We raid a 10 man team that raids on Tues/Thurs @ 10 server until 1 server.

We expect on time attendance and if IRL stuff happens an advance notice/text/in game mail, whatever letting us know that you will be late or unable to make it.

We use a Suicide Kings Loot System, maintaining two lists, one for tier, one for all other MS gear. We allow open rolls for offspec gear. Un-needed BoP gears are de'd and the mats placed in the guild bank for team use. BoE's are sold and the gold used for team repairs, feasts, and etc. In short Suicide Kings is much like Round Robin.

We are looking for:

2 Healers (non-druid), pref one to have a viable dps offspec
2 Dps (mage, hunter) others may apply as well

You may post here or find me in game. Or contact Uttam in game. Everyone in guild has inv powers also.

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