Looking for a guild.

Me and my friend moved to Arthas a few months back and have been though a few guilds but still have not found much of a home. I'm look for a group of people who enjoy helping each other out as well as have a good amount of activity. I spend most of my time mount hunting and doing what ever else but I'm looking to getting back in to doing dungeons and possibly raiding. I'm lacking in raiding experience but I love to tank and would really love to join a group and learn the ropes. I would be bringing a friend with me but he currently dose not have the time for raiding sadly.
Hello! Flashed is currently looking for more members, we're a casual PvE guild that just transferred to Arthas a week ago. We've still got some growing to do but if you'd like to stick with us I'm sure we'd be a great place for you and your friend. Add me in game Siikk#1497 or Uvmmoll and we can chat at some point if you're interested.
^ is the best GM i have ever had. You and Val are awesome Uvm
I feel left out.
I agree. Best GM I have ever had as well. So glad we made the switch to Arthas and joined Flashed.

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