[H]<Anesidora> LF Warlock/Boomkin! 4/14 H SoO

Aaaaah, Gotpriest! Thank you for the kind words!!!!!!!! <3333
It is a pleasure to have you as a guild member!


Please proceed to more recent posts for updated information.

Thank you,
Mewshiz (Mewshiz1991#1770)
Congrats to you all CT1 on your 12/12!

*bump that!*

Still looking for a mage.
The information posted directly above is out of date.
Please ignore it.
i got some rice cakes.
Group 2 needs a healer
The post located directly above this post contains outdated information.
Please disregard it.

Thank you,
Mewshiz (Mewshiz1991#1770)
You all still looking for people?
If so are you needing a dk or a shammy?
If so my battletag:Thestensten#1848

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