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We are a group of 8-15 looking to server transfer to a higher populated server. We are all PVP’rs and do not raid. We are looking for an active guild that has strong leadership and room for our group of mostly FC’s and healers. Can anyone point us in the right direction?
Äbsolution was the number 2 alliance guild in RBG rating on Stormreaver last season. We're currently setting up a second team, although there is a great possibility a few of you could make it into the primary team as a few of our core members have a tendency to not show up. We RBG mainly at night (usually around 9pm server) both on weekdays and weekends.

If you're not into RBG'ing, many of our members are constantly running randoms and we do lots of premades. Additionally, there is much to do in WPvP here, as the horde side of Stormreaver and tend not to get along with us very well. Slaughtering the horde is a great spot. A few of us may run LFR weekly, but we don't ever do real MoP raids, as we are a PvP guild. Ill talk to our GM about having that many people join, but im certain he wont have a problem with it, especially if you have healers and FC's.

Good luck with your transfer.
A really awesome warlock.
Ethereal is a fantastic guild if you are looking to join into Stormreaver, we may not be as elite as a #2 guild <3 but our community base and structure leaves nothing to be desired. We are currently working on forming our RBG team's <Letting all the 2.4k+ players blast through rating before we attempt> and are looking for dedicated PvP'ers, that doesn’t only mean RBG's we also are looking to reap destruction upon the Horde with WPVP and Arenas. There is always members online, whether it be remote chat or in game, if you need help or are looking for something to do there is at least 3-4 events on the calendar a week (not including raids) Coming to a new server can be strange and frightening because you don’t know anyone besides the people you are coming with, If you choose Ethereal though the transition will be smooth and painless, you are joining not only a guild but a community of like-minded gamers. We are looking to increase our PVP presence and with your group I feel it will only further our plans to become a dominating guild on Stormreaver.
Sollee we are forming up a RBG squad. Shoot me a chat online or take a look at www.sodalityofthecairns.us

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