Acct wide exalted faction count

I'm gonna assume this has been brought up before, but anyway, wouldn't it be nice if the number of unique factions you were exalted with was account wide? On my monk I feel like I'm never going to get the 60 faction title :(
I agree, but minus the current expansions reputations.
I agree, but minus the current expansions reputations.

Exactly. I really don't want to go back on my warrior and do all the old reputations that I did on my rogue.
i feel this as well, its abit unfair that after blizzard ruined the shaman class to bad that i had to reroll completely and lose my main after 7 years.. that i now have to either play the class that i cannot stand to finish out my 45/50 exalted reps. or try and go back on my new toon and grind old reps. some of which are not available anymore.. such as the argent dawn, and zandalar trolls. not to mention the insanely painful dailies i went through for some of the other reps, which were not fun at the time, and are only even More so annoying to do now. i dont want to play my shaman anymore blizz. you made sure of that. and now im punished further for rerolling rather than putting up with the "changes" youve made. will i never be the beloved without having to suffer through more of your repetitive dailies on a character i dont even intend play?
I would not mind at all if all "non current expansion factions" were made account wide. Then I could do Firelands on multiple characters and just farm lockboxes on the Rogue.

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