<Lzuruha> hosting our monthly event this sat.

<Lzhuruha> of Stormrage is hosting it's monthly event! We hope everyone had fun at our last event, the "lvl 1 naked human run!" This month we test your wits and creativity in a mind boggling scavenger hunt! Details are as follows...

Any and all may join. Recommended levels 85 and above with flying. The event will start outside of Stormwind at 5pm ST. Saturday the 16th. You will receive your first clue at 5pm. From there your task is to figure out all the clues and get through the course as quickly as possible! Each stop will have an item you must collect to prove you have figured out each clue.
The only restriction is. You may not ask any officiant for help!
That being said. You may use Google or any wiki to figure out the clues.

There will be prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. It may be beneficial to do this event individually. I will not penalize anyone for grouping up or participants helping each other as prizes will only be awarded one per person. The choice is yours.

1st place: World of Warcraft® Pet: Cenarion Hatchling
2nd place: World of Warcraft® Pet: Moonkin
3rd place: 1000g

Pst or send an in-game mail to Tacora for a calendar invite to this event.

Join us and let's test your knowledge and hunting skills!
Sounds like fun

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