Where to start quest for lvl 80?

I wonder where to start to quest at lvl 80? People tell me to dung for good armor people tell me to PvP for good armor and other people say PvP armor is crap outside of PvP lol.

So is their any good place to start quest for a lvl 80 and i want to quest for good armor and a good wep.

Appreciate every reply thanks!
PvP armor and weapons have been made so they work best in PvP and non-PvP works best outside of PvP. So if you are planning on primarily doing PvP, that is what you need to do to get the best armor and weapons for PvP. If you want the best for the rest of the things you will need to get to level 90. You might was well quest for that, and perhaps do some dungeons on the side as you are questing. You can go to the quest boards in each of the major cities (Org would be a good place) and there are breadcrumb quests that will lead you to different zones based on your level. At 80, I would imagine you will go to Mt Hyjal.
Where can I find Hyjal?
Where can I find Hyjal?

If you have the Cataclysm expansion on your account, you can go to the Warchief's Command board in Orgrimmar. There, you'll see two quests. One will start the quest chain for Vashj'ir and the other will start the chain for Mt Hyjal. After you reach the start of Hyjal, you'll be able to take the portal between Nordrassil at the zone's summit and the Western Earthshrine in Orgrimmar as much as you like.
You can also fly NW of org for 30 seconds.

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