Hi there! I'm interested in the Shaman Healer position you have open.
Great, gear looks good enough to start ToT. We are likely doing an off-night ToES raid this Sunday (7 or 8 server start time I believe), and there should be a spot. Would be an easy way to give you a tryout if you can make it. Otherwise, Tuesday's raid would be the earliest we could get you in. Reply here or message me in game if you can make Sunday's raid.
I should be on at that time.
you all still need Dk dps? new to the server and looking for a new home.
IDK how many spots will be open for tomorrows ToES run, starting sometime between 7 and 8 server. But if you are on at those times anyway and we have a spot we can give you a tryout as well. Otherwise, Tuesday's ToT raid will be the earliest.

Going to add you and Jaisyn to friends lists and we'll see how it plays out.
Bump. Still very much in need of a tank. Our other tank is a druid so all plate tank drops would be yours.
To the top. Still looking for a full time tank. We are now 4/12 normal mode.
Still looking for a tank as well as a Shaman (Heal or DPS).
I might be interested in your tank position. Battletag is Inkedgrrl #1434 if you'd like to contact me ingame.
Bump. Would love to find a Shaman of any spec, we have no healer or caster mail wearers.
Are you still looking for a Monk Healer?
Sure, we'd be interested in giving you a tryout this Monday at normal raid time, 7:15, if you can make it.
Still looking for another healer, Monk or Shaman.

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