Destro Talent Points

I am new to destruction, but I really like the play of it so far. I am confused what tier I should get with my spec talent wise.

I always thought grimoire of sacrifice was a good one to get, but I see that my destro friend has grimoire of supremacy. Any thoughts on which one is better for PvE?
Technically, supremacy with observer is the highest single target dps, however, some fights may be unfriendly for pets, which causes sacrifice to come out ahead on those specific fights. As for which fights those are, I can't remember off the top of my head as this is not my main.
Sup will be better for questing and single target. Sac is better for cleave fights. At lower ilvl Sup might be best for everything though.

As for the other talents...

T1: Soul Leech is amazing. CBs and incins will build up huge shields for you. On fights with more consistent damage or where AoE stack healing is the case I go Dark Regen since the shield doesn't come into play much.

T2: Mortal coil for a nice self heal, Shadowfury if you need AoE stuns.

T3: Sac Pact in most cases. Haven't found a time when I like Dark Bargain more so far this tier, but it has it's places. Immune to dying for 8 seconds is pretty nice.

T4: Burning Rush mostly, better kiting, works well with KJC, nice to run fast. Unbound Will is awesome for any fights that stun or root you.

T5: Sup or Sac depending on the situation.

T6: Pretty much always going to be KJC for now.
So the single target dmg of the observer overpowers the benefits of the felhunter/sac buff?
Well you don't have a felhunter if you have the sac buff.

Depending on your reforge, Sac and Sup were about equal in T14. Destro got a ton of single target buffs as well as a Sac nerf. Sup thus got stronger for single target and Sac got worse.
thanks for the info. Trying out sup right now :) I doubt it will make much of a difference at 85, but it's nice to know and try out what's the best right now

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