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Title says it all.

Looking for some advice on how best to reforge/build/talent/CD usage to tank Megaera on 10m normal. Guild got our first attempts on him Thursday and I'm looking to possibly get some better cooldown usage/build to perhaps alleviate some of the tank damage taken. Our DPS and healers are amazing and we have the fight just trying to figure out anything I can possibly do to help out the situation besides getting better gear.

This is my alt my main's armory link is here:

Any advice is appreciated!
I'd start with getting 7.5%/15% hit/expertise. I know you're close, but you should really try to get there; over is better than under. A critical miss with your Shield of the Righteous can hurt.

Shoulders - Stam/Dodge enchant. Chest - 300 Stam enchant. Legs - Stam/Dodge enchant. Crit is a luxury stat, not a priority, especially when you need to squeeze out some extra mitigation.

Focus on your rotation - you should be using your Shield of the Righteous before incoming attacks, not just spamming it liberally. As for cooldowns, if there are any Druids, try and get Barkskin. If not, don't use cooldowns during the first breath; I try to WoG myself during this one sometimes. Use Divine Protection unglyphed, as the breaths are not physical :). I also use Holy Prism, as it is a 20-second cooldown. It might overheal, but as it stands, you'll only be using Light's Hammer like every other Rampage if your DPS is decent. Spamming Holy Prism can really help top off health bars. I'd generally say don't do this if you are focusing on Holy Power up-time, which is key, but if you need extra help, it won't hurt.

Personally, I feel Divine Purpose gives you more sustained up-time, and is safer to use on fights you don't have on farm. You might lose burst during phases or on the pull, but you'll do plenty of DPS from vengeance stacking, especially with a haste build. Having WoG proc 3-4 times from DP can literally take all pressure off of your healers too. It's rare, but it happens.

All of this is from personal experience, but it worked for me. Make sure your biggest raid cooldowns, and personal are available during the 5th/6th Rampages. Coordinate with the raid, which I'm sure you do.

Which head order are you facing matters too. If you're tanking Red/Green after just having tanked Frost, you need bigger cooldowns. Look into that.

I'm not sure what else to add, it's 4:30AM and I'm exhausted.

Thank you! A lot of what you said makes sense so I am actually going to try some of it out and tinker with it to see if it will help smooth things out over the course of the fight!
Light's Hammer is much stronger if it's up for every rampage. If DPS is faster than that, Prism is always good.

Hand of Purity is great for the Red breath especially, but even if you're not tanking Red, you can save people from Cinders or let them clear out lots of frost with it up.

Holy Avenger is definitely the stronger choice as you get to use it every cycle and it has a very powerful effect (~30-40sec of consistent ShoR or plenty of WoG as needed).

I don't think I realized it for our kill, but the 3rd glyph choice is Focused Shield since you never get to bounce it. Alabaster and Battle Healer remain of course.

If you eat a 3rd breath, definitely save CDs for that one. If you tank swap, between heads that are next to each other both of you should be in the middle for the taunt so that they don't nuke you. When it's Red/Green, make sure you get there and taunt before the first nuke finishes casting. You will both eat one no matter how fast you are, so make sure to agree with the other tank whether you will both be taunting at range or taunting when you get there. Otherwise, one tank will eat bolts from both mobs at the same time during the switch.

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