LFR , they pull but i'm not there ?

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hi, i go into raid finder que, and i'm at the start . everyone else is at 2nd boss...so as i run a raid check goes out, i say, i'm not there yet, then a dbm pull timer goes out.

so they start the fight without me, ......do i get the kill ??....do i get loot ????

what am i supposed to do , leave and get 30min debuff. ????
stay and hope i get loot rolls. ???
Um, I am not too sure if this the best forum for LFR raid leadership, as that's a PUG. Then again I suppose it does fall under the category of "raid" leadership, so...how would you lead strangers on your server, if you organized a raid, and you didn't know of them? But that's what guilds are for...

I am sorry, I don't think too many people here can help you with this, but I could be wrong. But you are bringing up a loot issue, which is to do the mechanics of the raid finder system...hmm...maybe this is more appropriate for the dungeon forums?
hmm, it says raid.....and guild leadership.
i didn't think it meant raid leadership .....and guild leadership till you said something.
I don't know. I mean it was advice on how to lead a LFR team, maybe that debate WOULD suit this forum a bit more, because what you are essentially asking is how to best to lead people in a PUG that you raid. But you weren't asking about that, you were asking about technical issues I think?
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I don't know. I mean it was advice on how to lead a LFR team,


He/she asked:
so they start the fight without me, ......do i get the kill ??....do i get loot ????

And I honestly don't know. I believe you have to participate in the boss kill in order to be eligible for loot, but I really don't know how it works in LFR if you're already inside the instance but get locked out of the boss' room/platform.
Sol that was a typo sorry. its 1am here. The statement should have been "I mean IF it was advice on how to lead a LFR team"

As a general rule though, from my experience with LFR, you will get loot as LONG as you are in the instance. If you are not in the instance, no loot. You will get the valor though, if it's the last boss.
No clue what the poster above is going on about,but I doubt anyone rarely does...

To answer your question no you don't get loot but you do got locked to the boss, it's a Terrible design that has been complained about since Lfr came out and is yet to be addressed. Also leaving does not help because if they kill it even after you leave as long as you were there for the pull you also get locked.

Hope that answers your question
*wheezes from laughing until near unconciousness* A post that got reported by Eliil, that has to be some sort of record or achievement or something right?

It's a valid question about a valid concern and it involves raids (even if they are of the LF variety) so it seems correctly placed to me.

I do wish they'd change it, it shouldn't lock you without letting you loot especially seeing as how it's the system's fault you aren't able to zone in. Perhaps there's a way to remove the "cannot zone in, encounter in progress" for LFRs. I'd rather zone in and instant wipe that get locked without a chance at loot.
I was locked out of both Jinrokh and Horridon on my healer and received loot for both. On Jinrokh I actually took damage constantly and healed myself up, which logically gave me participation credit, but I didn't see any incoming damage on Horridon and got a loot bag anyway.
^ Looks like they fixed that thankfully; in 5.0 if you were locked out of the room you got loot-locked but didn't receive loot.
That was fixed sometime prior. I've been locked out of boss rooms countless times (because I afk in LFR, natch) and while I typically didn't get loot unless I did something to get credit for the encounter, it didn't lock me either, since 5.1 at least.
In 5.0 LFR you do not get loot if locked out even though you can use a bonus roll lol nor do you get credit for the kill.
Since you got individual boss locks now, I'd say stay and hope for loot, if they didn't notice you weren't there they probably won't notice/care about you rolling, and you probably will only get locked for that boss if you are close enough when it dies for it to drop loot for you, since it locks you when it registers the boss has died with you in combat with it.

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