LF Guild, Rog/Lock/Druid

LF Guild for some Casual PVE progression and day by day, PVP content.

Not much of a raiding Resumé, mostly because I havent progressively raided since Ulduar, ph1 opening. I have been playing off and on, due to deployments/transitional breaks between Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany, back stateside. Now I'm looking to settle down and focus on raiding content thats not LFR.

I would also like to get a PVP group started or looking to join one, whatever. Start off with some CTA, then low mmr shots. Just never lead a pvp group would like to start. I've always just sat in the back and feeding Fears and Dots where it was needed.

Main / Current main.
Rogue(Yolo) / working on making new main.
Druid(Domo) / in-process of getting gear.

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