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Hi! I have just gotten back into WoW after taking a short break and my realm is pretty much dead I have a 477 holy priest that I am willing to transfer if I can find a raid group I enjoy. A lil bit about me: I have about a year of raid leading experience and am comfortable doing so once I know fights. I have 3 years raid experience starting with the end of Lich King, but I did the most raiding in Cata. I am a very casual raider. I like to have fun but at the same time I want progression. I don't want to be stuck on the same boss for 3 weeks without any progression being made. If this goal can be accomplished while having fun then thats just awesome. I like to talk. I prefer guilds to be semi-social if not very social. But this is not a requirement. I wish to run at least once a week of current content if not more. I also, don't mind running old content. I would prefer a pve server so I'm not going to get ganked a million times doing dailies. I am very outgoing in-game at least. I don't like to talk on vent/mumble/raid call all that much but if it's needed I will and eventually once I get to know ppl I will talk more (there is a reason for this and a story behind it if you wish to know it i will tell you but it's not something i openly talk about it). So, really overall, I'm just looking for a social and active guild preferrably on a pve server that raids casually and has fun while still making progression. My availability is any night of the week. anytime after 8 central is best. I will know more of my schedule come tuesday. If you are on a Central Time Zone server that is absolutely definately a big plus but it is not a requirement for me. If you think ur guild is right for me or have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me.

Contact info:
email: Shortgrace55@gmail.com (and no this isnt the same email for my wow account so no u wont be able to hack me)
battle.net tag: Shortgrace#1452
current realm: Shadowmoon
Current toons that i play on continuously: Lilgnomie, Kittyhealz, and Shortgrace (you'll see me on shortgrace the most).

Thank you for taking your time to read this and I hope you have a great day. :)
Hi Shortgrace!

I just finished reading through your post, and I think your expectations are very much in line with the guild we have and strive to maintain.

I've included our obligatory guild spam for you to review:

Who we are
Our guild has been on Draka since the server opened. During that time, we have built a reputation for being a drama free environment where people can see the end-game, but at a much more relaxed pace. We are mainly a group of young(ish) professionals who have real life obligations that prevent us from raiding more than two times a week.

Raiding info
We are a 10-man guild. We run two groups during the week.

Our first group: Wednesday and Sunday, 9pm EST - 12AM EST. This group is 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF.

Our second group: Thursday and Monday, 9PM EST - 11:30PM EST (sometimes going to 12). This group is 6/6 MSV, 2/6 HoF.

Loot is distributed through rolls. We limit one item per person (unless no one can can use/needs an item). Main spec before off-spec, etc.

What we're looking for
<Brave Companions> is looking for a great person, who also plays a healing class. No real preference on what kind of healer you play, so long as you bring a relaxed approach to the game and come to raids reasonably prepared. We all play the game for a common purpose, and are looking for people who share this view.

We are looking for one healer to be slotted into our Wednesday/Sunday group.

We would also be open to the idea of recruiting pairs of people. We understand that many friends, couples, etc. like to play together and want to be in the same guild. If this is you, we can talk about bringing both in (even if only one of you wants to raid).

Now what?
If our guild sounds like something you might be interested in, please visit our web-site and apply: http://www.bcdraka.guildportal.com/ .

Or, if you have any other questions, feel free to contact me via battletag: xurf#1391

Thanks for reading. Best of luck in your search!

We can use you in our weekday group immediatly. You can real id Smooshybear#1809.

Guild Name: Eiinherjar
Server: Doomhammer (PVE) (Alliance)
Website: http://eiinherjar.guildportal.com/Guild.aspx?GuildID=461107&TabID=3973849 (under construction)

Eiinherjar is a guild located on the Doomhammer Server. We have been together for 5 years playing various MMOs. We been in wow together for over 3 years.. We are a guild that prides itself on clearing content while maintaining and understanding that this is a game. We are currently 6/6 in MSV and 5/6 HOF, 1/12 TOT.

Raid Schedule - (Server is a Mountain Time)
We run on Friday, Sat nights with a flex day. Flex 10 meaning it is a 10 man raid group so we can work around people schedule. We would ideally like to start at 8pm server time.
2nd Group - Tuesday and Thursday 6:30 Server 6/6 MSV
Hey Shortgrace,

From reading your post I think you might be a good fit for us. Checkmate is guild for adult professionals. Our average membership age is around 35 so we are older. We raid 2 nights a week (sunday/monday evening we are about progression but we care a lot more about having fun and having the right people in the guild than we go about server firsts or bleeding edge progression.

We have never failed to meet a raiding objective we set for ourselves and we care a lot more about those goals than we do about things like server firsts etc.

check us out,

I could use a heals priest. And as for not talking on vent, that is ok, as long as u can hear for raiding.

Check us out :)

thanks for all the replies I will do some research and contact the person I decide to go with. <3
Max Threat is in need of more heals an dps for core 25m we where a 10m guild rebuilt to a 25m guild just in need of last few spots. Looking for players that want to raid an gear up we raid wed/thur 7-10pm server (West coast time). If you r looking for a new home an want to progress with us we r still working on 5.2 stuff till we get every 1 to point we r happy with an start working on tot if this sounds good look me on or add my battle tag onenf1ngon1y#1450
unfortunately I've been sent to night shift at work and am no longer able to raid nights thanks for your time and i appreciate all the responses.

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