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so, my pc is now like 5 years old and although it still works fine for the most part I'm thinking about upgrading it soon. my question is, is there anything "big" coming out somewhat soon that I should wait on? Like, within the next 6 or so months. I know new hardware is coming out all the time, but something fairly significant, like a new generation of CPUs, for example. since my computer isn't dead and seems to be running fine I wouldn't mind waiting if there is anything like that coming out soon, if not, well then, I might just have to buy one now! thanks!
Intel Haswell cpus - new socket - 1150 - are released in late June, as well as AMD's Richland socket FM2 refresh.
ty selvaganesh, i'll look into that. seems like that might be worth waiting for!
Haswell is actually scheduled for a June 2nd release, not late June. And yeah, I'd say if you're looking at an Intel system you might as well wait for Haswell.
As far as new GPU coming out. They were asuppose to come out Q2 but most are expecting a late Q3 or Q4 release on those. June, July, August, maybe?

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