LF Raiding Guild 503/502 Resto/Boomkin

I'm exploring the possibility of moving from my current server to this one to be able to hang out with an irl friend a bit more. Here's my armory (currently logged out in DPS gear, but have a set of healing gear at 503):


I was the GM of a guild in Vanilla and had many server top 3's back on Korgath. I then left the game for 5 years for various personal reasons. I came back in August, leveled and geared, and then joined my current guild when mop dropped (16/16 N, 2/16 H - 2/12 so far this current tier, though our horridon kill was pre-nerf) - we only raid 6 hours a week. Despite being out of game so long, I've learned my class to the fullest, and am the hybrid healer/DPS in our 10man. When DPSing, depending on the fight, I'm usually 2nd or 3rd on the meter (we have a very talented mage :) I don't have a preference as to which spec I enjoy more - I really love both. Towards the end of t14, I was asked to be an officer, and have headed up our recruitment and managed our bank(s) since then.

My availability for raiding is M, W, TH, or Sun, evenings preferred (I'm on EST). The only parses I have are for T14, but I will have T15 parses later this week (though they will only show healing numbers as I don't DPS any bosses we're on thus far in T15). I'm happy to provide access to those. Though HPS isn't a SUPER helpful stat, in T15, I'm topping the charts in it, while also leading in dispells (I'm actually really proud of leading in dispells on Horridon while playing with a monk :-P). Our heal comp is Shaman/Monk/Me.

Finally, just so it's clear, I don't stand in !@#$. On the ridiculously off chance that I ever would, I can take accountability. I research relentlessly, gem and enchant to the very best of my abilities, and just trust me when I say I'll do all the other things you want your raiders to do before they walk in an instance. We all know what they are.

I'm not sure you're ever done learning how to improve at this game, but I'd like to end up some place that challenges me to get even better at it. Thanks ~
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Hi Ryeland,
My 10 man team is looking for a rdruid. Healing team consists of H pally, Holy priest (and you :) ) Our last rdruid (currently MIA he hasn't logged in days) did both dps and heals. However our priest also does very good dps so switching would be what is best for the situation. Progression is 4/12 currently (with pre-nerf horridon). We raid Tues., weds, and Thurs 8-11pm server (we have 3 east coasters so we stop close to 11 consistently). I see Tues may be an issue but we may need to change our days around for other reasons too. Please feel free to contact me, Izco, or Razu in game so we can chat if you are interested. Thanks.
I would like to take a look at any parses you might have. There may be a hybrid position open in our lineup.
Monkeyclaw - I'll find you in game. I have a great friend who's horde on Stormreaver and it would be great to be able to move to that server!

Slimeloll - your guild sounds exceptional (looked you up), but unfortunately I can't make your Tuesday raid time. Thanks a lot for the interest however!

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