[A]<free candy> open for rbgs/core pve spots!

Bleeding Hollow
We go hard.
UPDATE: Looking for pally tank for tonight TOES
free candy for this easter!
We go hard.

in the paint?
Update: looking for prot pally, disc , hunter,eley/or spriest/ destro lock, and a rogue for our 10 man roster!
Looking into this... Hm.
Do you guys need any tanks for either? Got a buddy who's looking to break off one of his hordies to an alliance and he's into tanking for some weirdass reason.

He's a warrior.
Link his armory
Link his armory

He's still gearing it so you'd be not-so-impressed. But he's been gearing !@#$ faster than I have on my toons, which angers me slightly, but he knows his fights and has been raiding since BC.
He also has a druid which he apparently is willing to throw around.. I think I can link that without him getting pissed n %^-*.

Interested. Tell him to add me on BT Tylerqtxoxo#1385
If you are ever short a ranged you can always hit me up if im on! :) (For both rbgs and 10m)

PM me on myspace or add Leviathan#1168
el polo loco
el polo loco

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