Favourite Transmog

Do you guys have a favourite transmog set or some pieces of gear?
T3, and its recolor, T7.
@Woundedsoul Strange, for some reason the reply button isnt working, but yeah thats a good looking set. @Jorion I miss the BC sets, they always looked awesome.
I simply love this scarf.
Neither of mine were BC sets. T3 was original Naxx, in Classic, and T7 was new Naxx, in Wrath.
What I'm wearing with this hair style. Looks very nice from side and behind. Still trying to get belt, gloves and boots.
@Relikar that was so random...but I just love it because of how random that was.

@Jorion I know neither of those were BC, but I was just saying I miss the BC sets because they looked awesome. I don't really want to go do raids to get those items.

@Iruyas I like how you had to mention "behind" haha just kidding. Good luck completing your transmog set.
I like this the Traveler's set it's composed of green drops from T1. The helm stinks though and I haven't found a good replacement for it, yet.

I've got a couple other ones I've thrown together that I'm fond of. Especially my Indiana Jones set, I''m sure I'll be wearing it in the near future, once I get my hands on a non-fist slow weapon.
@ Kiljagen love the ideas. Seem like they are awesome
Im quite fond of mine, nice mix of Nightslayer and some old PvP gear.

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