HORDE! MW Monk, Disc. Priest, and FC

Kil'Jaden horde players,
Me and my fellow guild members are looking for a more suitable PvP guild on the opposite faction, that has core RBG groups and great teamwork. Myself and the Disc priest are great healers for any RBG group when we are together. Not to mention our FC is experienced and we are all full Malev with Tyran pieces. Please comment back on this if you are interested.
Horde is full, go to tich.
Are you looking to transfer or just RBG Cross realm? www.d7-kil.com
Looking for a transfer.
If your looking for a structured guild who is laying down its foundation in the pvp environment then division maybe for you. We are looking for healers and Fc's and we are also in hopes that we can start splitting up the 15 players we do have into 2 based teams for more scheduled RBG events.

Division was launched on Feb 1st 2013. This season our plan of action is to start laying down a core foundation within the guild and push further with a few more groups. We are not promising rating to anyone at this time but we are already at a 1460 rating with three days of RBGS under our belt and plan to increase that before the season ends. If this screams out to you feel free to check the link below for our recruitment thread.


I would also like to note that we have had a success of 17 cross realm transfers .. 15 players stayed and are happy with the transfer they have made.

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