Trinket combo question

Hey guys, just wondering if i should use the VP trinket with the heroic renataki's i recently picked up or renataki's and heroic bottle (2/2) upgraded. I havent bought the vp trinket yet this week so just wondering if itd be worth spending my valor on. Thanks a bunch in advance.
this was taken from he MMO-champ trinket discussion

Trinket Name Average DPS
Bad Juju (H) 19226.75
Talisman of Bloodlust (H) 18623.39
Renataki's Soul Charm (H) 17381.19
Bad JuJu 17027.67
Talisman of Bloodlust 16492.34
Bottle of Infinite Stars (H DU) 16270.12
Vicious Talisman of the Shado-Pan Assault 16006.54
Bottle of Infinite Stars (H SU) 15674.76
Renataki's Soul Charm 15392.85
Bottle of Infinite Stars (H) 15104.20
Bottle of Infinite Stars (DU) 14412.67
Terror in the Mists (H DU) 14143.46
Bad Juju (RF) 14136.92
Talisman of Bloodlust (RF) 13693.24
Bottle of Infinite Stars 13380.14
Terror in the Mists (H) 13131.57
Renataki's Soul Charm (RF) 12782.25
Relic of Xuen 12257.03
Bottle of Infinite Stars (RF) 11851.47
Terror in the Mists 11636.34
Terror in the Mists (RF) 10312.33
Thanks so much Best! This is exactly the information I was looking for. Appreciate the quick response :)

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