Even Giants Fall

Dear Blizzard,

Please don't give us solo quests that require us to dispel a mini-boss. Some of us cannot dispel. Additionally, the healing that Guardian Tak'u does is un-interruptible. He healed 8 or 9 times when I fought him, and only managed to kill him when another person came up and helped dps. If you want to do something like this, make it a group quest.
I agree-I did some more research and discovered that you have to kill only certain magic using trolls. Look for one that gives some buff called hydra; kill that one and it can't heal it. I was having the same difficulties and plan on trying to apply this new found knowledge to see if it works. Best of luck.
Good tip. Killed Hydra Priest and soloed as disc priest. You can kite him around just outside perimeter walls to avoid his spells if needed.
03/20/2013 04:22 PMPosted by Murrdock
Some of us cannot dispel.

Glyph of Icy Touch is useful; I'd suggest fitting it in when you need to dispel.
I killed the hydra priest and he still had the buff. Fortunately there were other players there and we were able to down him. But it was a pain.
Ridiculous solo quest. I've flushed things I've liked more than this quest. Whoever came up with this quest needs to double their brain size to acquire the intellect needed to breathe in and out in sequence. In case it's not apparent, I believe to the core of my soul that this is a ridiculous quest. Any questions? See above.
Huh. I never dispelled anything when I did this quest.
If you kill the hydra priest before Tak'u activates he won't have the buff and won't need dispelling, but yes this is a rather tough solo quest. On my DK I still cannot do this quest (cannot dps down the priests fast enough and even without Hydra, he will crush me too fast) even though I can do all the other IoT dailies with ease (including beating Mono Han and the flesh guy).

Really this quest is not terribly easy until you are LFR ToT geared at least.

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